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Core Business and Services

Through the combined international  network of SF Marina in the marina and sea shore related business, and the established real estate network, we aim to develop, impulse, establish, implement and secure profitability in the field of real estate and mixed use marine development. 
The range of values and services that SF Marina Project Development provides, go from the most global approach of an investment, to the basic support of technical and engineering services in the field of marina design and real estate development and construction.
Strategy & Organization

SF Marina has built and developed floating port facilities for nearly 100 years. We have gradually learned how to build strong organisations, that allow mixed use developments to succeed in any storm.

Our experience in cooperation with private partners and authorities, is made available to assist you.


SF Marina has built and developed floating port facilities for nearly 100 years. SFMPD is capable to attract sufficient financing power to build strong developments, together with our partners. 

Our projects, like our ports, are strong enough to withstand the storm, and enjoy the reliability of our concepts.

Project Finance

SF Marina Project Development has the relations and network to ensure that a successful project gets properly financed. The necessary due diligence for a mixed use marine project development shall result strong enough to withstand the most inconvenient queries.


Our projects, like us, are still there after the storm.

Project Management

The total cost of a mixed use marine development  is determined by its LCC (Life Cycle Cost), that is, the total cost of keeping the project successful,operable and beautiful throughout its lifetime.


With our long experience, we know how to assist and steer a project to achieve its goals

Design Consulting

A successful mixed use marine project is created from the start. The masterplan, the architectural basic concept, the marine engineering, and many other components, set the cornerstone of a successful development.

With our long experience in floating solutions and real estate, we know how to design a project that achieve the development goals.

Technical Advice 

From the technical advice on basic design issues and marine engineering, to the full performance of financial analysis, cash flow models and business plans for mixed use marine real estate developments, we can provide limited services to assist your project in the different phases of a development.

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