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About us

SF Marina Project Development AB is a Company of the SF Group, Sweden. 

Generating projects since 2012, SFMPD has relied in the knowhow and worldwide network and experience of the Swedish Company SF Marina in the creation, design, engineering and operation of Marinas and floating solutions to the highest standards.

SF Marina is internationally recognized for providing its customers a century of experience producing tailor-made premium marinas and advanced floating solutions all over the world.

After entering cooperations with international financing sources, and involving experienced personalities in the field of international Leisure and Residential Real Estate development, SFMPD has brought up several innovative Marina and Real Estate development concepts that have helped the development of several versatile and complex projects in the marine field and the Sports Marina environment that have been appreciated and praised by many clients.

SF Marina Project Development AB offers a full range of marine related Real Estate services.  The company has the in-house knowledge and experience to design, permit, manufacture, install, and operate Marinas and related Real Estate solutions. SF Marina Project Development AB is a fully integrated corporation that understands the needs of the marina industry and can deliver the best marine products in the world to satisfy those needs. 

In order to provide a comprehensive solution to the Marine Market, SFMPD represents a vehicle for the financing and development of marine related projects, providing solutions to all our Clients in all stages of the project: from the conception to the operation and marketing. 

For more information on SF Marina and SF Group please visit the website:

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